Indoor Rock Climbing for Baby Boomers

Indoor Rock Climbing for Baby Boomers



Rock Climbing Benefits

    Huffington Post on Rock Climbing :: Rock Climbing Benefits Mind and Body :: Top Ten Health Benefits of Rock Climbing

Articles on Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing Guide, Tips & Terms :: Locations, definitions, tips - many good links.

    How high-tech climbing ropes are made

    Getting Started Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing Gear :: Details & Descriptions

    Indoor Climbing Basics


    My 15 Minutes of Fame :: WHO-TV Workout of The Week (summer of 2012)

    Free Life and Rock Climbing :: Excellent music video

Rock Climbing Gyms

    Climb Iowa :: Where to climb in central Iowa

    Rock Climbing at REI :: REI's Pinnacle isn't a gym, but Thursday through Sunday they will provide the belayer and allow members one free climb per day ($10 for non-members).

    Vertical Endeavors - Minneapolis, MN :: Very large facility, 60' walls!