Discover Rock Climbing!

My Granddaughters

I discovered rock climbing at age 63 after daring my granddaughters to try it at REI near Minneapolis, MN. We walked in and looked up at their 55-foot rock climbing towers and I (foolishly) said I would if they would - and the kids (ages 5 & 7) accepted my challenge! 

I couldn't back out and experienced a combination of gut-churning fear and later, exhilaration - after the REI belayer lowered me smoothly back to the ground. 

I weighed 230 pounds at the time and had recently started exercising in an effort to help my asthma/breathing issues, lose weight and improve my health.

Several months later I began to look for something more interesting than lifting weights and pulling on machines. I also hoped to find an activity that was fun so I would be less likely to quit and fall back into an unhealthy lifestyle.

I remembered my rock climbing adventure at REI and decided to learn more about it.